Face Face Face

Lately, the health of my skin is being focused on in my family. Every single person in the house are asking me about the things I had done to my skin that I have developed acne and have small pimples on my face.

Flashback to my skin condition back when I was still in school, it was flawless with no pores or pimples and not oily. In my family, I had the best skin. It was so flawless, I had never used facewash at all.

Then, it started to get worst after I graduated high school and worked outdoor. My skin became oily and developed acne. I tried to use some products but they did not help at all.

However, I am not generally bothered by its bad condition. I have used Simple facewash for a few years now and even though it hasn’t improved, I did not make it a big deal.

In returns, my family is the one who keep reminding me of that good times.

I wish this skin can go back to how it was back then


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