She is pregnant!

I believe most, if not all of us have something that defines your childhood and teenage hood. Be it a drama series, songs, bands, or food. For me, I have this Japanese girl group band that defines my teenage hood. I have spent my teenage life on them, checking on their news, chatting and discussing about them with other fans from all around the world daily, watching their live performances regularly from old to recent, listening to their songs and saving every new picture of theirs on my computer. That group is called Berryz Kobo.

They are not the most stylish group out there, they are not the most skilled dancers and singers out there, and they are not the most competent in variety shows but these girls are funniest when they are together, all seven of them in their own program and DVD releases. I love these seven girls and among them, the person I cherish the most is the youngest girl whose age is the same with me, Sugaya Risako.

We are of the same age and I always adore how she can balance her idol life and personal life since as young as 9 years old. For those of you who are not aware of them, this group debuted in the entertainment scene on 2004 with the youngest, Risako, being only 10 years old.

I was not with them from the start and I had only heard of them on 2008 and I have never stopped following them ever since. I have listened to many girl groups but I have never followed the members as much as I did with them. Their state of hiatus since 2012 does not stop us fans from sleeping on them. We are always looking for their recent activities and supports them individually and who would have thought of ‘pregnant’ to come this early to these young girls especially from their youngest member?

Yesterday, I receive the biggest shock of my life since I had been their fan from the message sent by my sister who is also their big fan. The message read as such

“Hey, did you know… Rii-chan is pregnant. Have you heard?”

I was stunned and I immediately went check the Insta and saw one of Berryz’s member, Miya posted a picture of her with Risako with a congratulatory caption.

I could not believe my eyes. I checked  every news site and I still could not believe myself.

Today, I checked the Instagram again and saw more Berryz’s members and the members from C-ute, their rival group congratulating her on the news.

She is not in her early stage of pregnancy either. She is in her five months pregnancy! I checked back her Instagram feed which hadn’t been updated for sometime, looking at her tummy and tears welling up in my eyes. My sister admitted she cried a whole lot upon discovering the news.

We are certainly happy for her but we are still in a state of confusion and clueless about the right way to react to this. It came upon us fans like a storm, sudden and uncalled for. Anyway, I am very excited for a day she will confront her fans on this and if she is comfortable, I hope she will reveal her boyfriend, or if she is married, her husband.

It is a weird feeling to find out the little girl I have watched growing up is pregnant. In fact, the members and friends who congratulate her are also expressing the same feeling as I did. This weird feeling…

Risako, I know you may not read this but I want you to know that your fans are always behind you in your every action. We are happy for you and we want you to keep being happy. Having a child means you are going on a new phase in your life and it means you are signing up for a lot more tests that will challenge you. I wish you luck, my love TT


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